Current State, Future Concern

Current demand for physicians and physician extenders has never been greater and with the enactment of The Affordable Care Act, experts agree it has already led to physician shortages in several specialties. Changes in healthcare law together with increasing numbers of aging Americans living longer have set the stage for physician demand to be at historical levels for the foreseeable future. This ongoing, increasing shortage of physician manpower has made the services of Royal Oak Health critical to healthcare employers seeking recruitment assistance to fill critical positions quickly and cost effectively.

Why choose Royal Oak Health?

The Royal Oak Difference

You will notice our website testimonials list the FULL NAME of the physician or employer providing the quote, not just vague initials. That’s because we’re proud of those relationships and the success stories behind them. At Royal Oak Health Group we do only what we do well, which is why we concentrate in select specialties only. We understand the healthcare landscape and the factors unique to recruiting for these healthcare specialties. We also understand the skepticism some have developed after working with independent search firms that didn’t deliver. For this reason, we encourage you to find out more before partnering with us.  Call us to learn more, talk to others that have utilized our firm. Learn why many leading heart centers, hospitals, academic institutions, clinics and private practices have chosen Royal Oak Health to fill their search.

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