What Others Have To Say About Us

Employer Testimonials

The addition of the right physician to a team is vital to the health and success of a practice. At Royal Oak Health Group, we recognize the impact physician selection has on a group and the importance of long-term compatibility in physician employment.

Below are testimonials from some of the clients that have employed Royal Oak Health Group successfully to fill their openings. We enjoy long-standing partnerships with hundreds of healthcare employers and look forward to assisting you in your next search for a cardiologist, gastroenterologist or family practice/internal medicine physician or physician extender.

“Our practice has just completed our second successful search with Royal Health Group. Each of these searches was difficult in part due to late initiation of the search. Royal Oak was able to locate a number of appropriate candidates. The candidates were well screened and oriented about our opportunity before being contacted by our practice. Royal Oak was available regardless of time or day when contact with them was deemed appropriate. Their insights into candidate goals and financial packages were very helpful. They were was also helpful as an intermediary when contract details were negotiated with a candidate. Despite frustrations occurring during the search process, Royal Oak was always positive and persistent in working for a successful completion of the search. All communications were professional and efficient. When our practice again needs to recruit another Cardiologist, I will have no hesitation in contacting Royal Oak Health Group again.”

Alan D. Bramowitz, MD, FACC, President , Jefferson Cardiology Association

“I have found the Royal Oak Health staff to be extremely professional, responsive and targeted in their approach to sourcing candidates for our organization. Communications are first class and they have helped recruit for us on several occasions in past years. They have been my first choice when it comes to recruiting physicians.”

Gary Zrimec, CEO, North Ohio Heart

“The integrity of Royal Oak Heath Group is unsurpassed in the business. From time to time, they run a recruitment fee special. Our first position was filled rather quickly; however, due to our extremely tight position parameters, it took almost three years to satisfy the other opening. Even though the second candidate search was delayed, at no time did we ever feel the level of commitment, communication, or professionalism diminish. Truly the mark of a world-class organization. “

Michael Dusseau, Senior Advisor to the Chairman, Florida Heart & Vascular

“Royal Oak Health Group exemplified service excellence. From our initial contact, they listened and sought to know our precise needs. The highly qualified candidates presented were thoroughly screened and needs were matched. Their availability was remarkable, almost immediate, even when a message was left on a weekend. They showed compassion for satisfaction, demonstrated knowledge of the candidates needs, encouraged ongoing communication with a desire to obtain a long term partnership. I have just signed my first candidate with them and will continue to count on Royal Oak Health to obtain our system goals.”

Abby Meschberger, Physician Recruiter, Benefis Health System

“Royal Oak Health Group has been tremendous working with us. They have provided excellent service along with quality candidates. We will continue to work with Royal Oak for our future cardiology needs. I would highly recommend Royal Oak Health Group for groups looking to fill their cardiology needs”

Nancy Hixon, Administrator, Space Coast Cardiology Consultants, PA

“It was such a pleasure working with Royal Oak Health Group. The customer service there was just as excellent towards the end of our search as it was from day one. They did a fantastic job communicating with both our practice and the candidates we were interested in, making sure everyone was always on the same page.”

Kelly Dunning, Practice Administrator, Cardiovascular and Arrhythmia Institute, AZ

“Royal Oak Health Group was very efficient in finding a physician to meet our needs. We plan on working with them again in the near future and would highly recommend them to anyone who has a physician need to fill.”

Tracy Bates, Administrator,Toledo Cardiology Consultants

“I would highly recommend Royal Oak Health Group. Their professionalism along with their geniune concern to find us the best possible candidate for our cardiology group was impressive to say the least. As our practice continues to expand I will most certainly look to them for our cardiology needs. You can feel confident that Royal Oak Health (Group) will provide excellent service and quality candidates.”

Peggy Thomas, Administrator, Chesapeake & Washington HeartCare

“What I found unique about Royal Oak was that they took a personal interest in our practice and our specific recruiting need.  They took the time to get to know our practice and our market and screened candidates accordingly so that only those with a true interest in our opportunity were presented.  Not only did we find and sign the right physician for our group, but I enjoyed a refreshing interaction with Royal Oak in an otherwise mass-produced “customer service” world.  Thanks much!”

Scott Davis, CEO, The Heart Center of Southern Arizona

“Royal Oak Health Group has demonstrated a true excellence in recruiting. Physician candidates have a true understanding of the opportunities available and I have a clear picture of the candidate. While many recruiters simply provide names and cv’s, Royal Oak performs extensive due diligence and truly represents the best interest of the physician and group they represent.”

Kelli J. Couch-Villarreal, Past Director, Managed Care Physician Recruitment, CPR/HeartPlace.

“Royal Oak was wonderful to work with to find a physician for our group. They are truly professionals in their field. They always followed up with the candidates and kept the communication going between the physician and the office. What a pleasure working with a group that follows through on each detail! Thank you.”

Diana Rosso, Office Manager, Cardiology Associates

“Until we began our partnership with Royal Oak Health, we found that service excellence was an often promised but rarely achieved attribute in the highly competitive physician placement industry. We are proud to have Royal Oak Health as our physician recruiting advocate.It is our perception that the guiding principles behind the success of Royal Oak Health Group is their commitment to exceptional customer service.”

Bradley E Hall, MBA – Director of Administration, Buffalo Heart 

Candidate Testimonials

“I contacted many practices and companies looking for a 1-year employment opportunity as a non-invasive cardiologist in Western PA, preferably Pittsburgh. I started late in the process and as a 3rd-year Fellow, admittedly, I was not an ideal candidate. I was honest about myself and Royal Oak Health Group found a 1 year position for me as a non-invasive cardiologist in Pittsburgh. It’s a great group and a great opportunity. My family is very happy. Thank you Royal Oak Health Group”

Bryan Schwartz, MD 

“Royal Oak Health Group is highly professional in dealing with the hospital and physician clients. They understand the need of the employer and potential candidates, and have respectful conversations and appropriate follow up with me throughout the recruitment process.”

David Hsi, MD, Cardiology Chair

“It’s been a great joy working with Royal Oak Health Group. They understand cardiology, and respects your needs and wishes. They take the time to put the right doctor into the BEST practice.”

Robert J. Stomel, DO, FACOI, Past President American College of Osteopathic Internists

“Working with Royal Oak Health Group was a pleasure. It is great to see a physician recruiting group that specializes in recruiting within the field of cardiology. They were efficient and diligent in finding a job that my family and I are very excited about.”

Yasir Batres, MD

“Chris Tracy is a great person to work with! Very personable and reliable! A+++!”

Mikhail Kirnus, MD

“I want to thank Royal Oak Health Group with their help on my placement. They listened and called when they had a job I would really take, without pressuring me and without wasting my time on jobs that I wouldn’t. Then – when the deal seemed to be getting lost, they stepped in and actively provided crucial assistance. In the end, experience and professionalism are what make things happen and this firm has both.”

Neil S. Shachter, MD

“I would like to thank Royal Oak Health Group for helping me find my new cardiology opportunity.  I am grateful for their offers of assistance in the process of securing my contract and for all of the follow-up.”

S. Fernando  Soto, MD

“Royal Oak Health Group was really caring about the position being a good fit for me. They followed up to ensure that any questions or concerns I had about the position or the group were answered to my satisfaction. When it was time to negotiate my contract with the group they made the process a smooth one and even when I was busy, made contacts with the group to ascertain that the negotiations are progressing. I recently signed the contract and I am looking forward to having a fulfilling career with my new group and I deeply appreciate Royal Oak’s effort in making it happen.  They are true professionals. I would definitely recommend him to my colleagues and friends for future job opportunities.”

Maged Rizk, MD

“Royal Oak Health Group did a great job handling my job search. Their service was excellent !! Their communication was fabulous !! The best part about Royal Oak is that they communicated so well with me. I would highly recommend them to all cardiologists in the process of looking for a quality opportunity.”

Rajesh Vrushab, MD

“Royal Oak Health is truly physician-centered. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and well organized. Their experience and professionalism shows in every step of the job search. They have met all my expectations and more. A great team to have on my side.”

Khaled Dajani, MD, Director of Echo

“I had the pleasure of working with Royal Oak during my job search. I had worked with a number of placement companies during my 8-9 month search. Some agents I had worked with would page me (uninvited) through my pager at the hospital, sometimes multiple times during the day to discuss job prospects and issues to the point that I could barely get anything accomplished. They would pressure me almost to ridiculous levels with deadlines if I didn’t sign a contract I was not comfortable with.

Royal Oak was very professional and easy to work with. They promptly answered emails and phone calls from me, and gave me room to breathe. They helped facilitate my discussions with the group I was looking at, and allowed me my autonomy. Royal Oak made a very exciting but highly stressful ordeal much more tolerable. I would highly recommend Royal Oak for your job search; they will go the extra mile for you.”

Shani Saks, DO

“The staff at Royal Oak Health remained helpful and professional throughout the process, never pressuring yet always available.”
                                                                                                             S. M. Sallach, MD